State of The Nation Address: Kagame calls for improvement in service delivery

m_Kagame calls for improvement in service delivery

President Kagame delivering the State of the Nation Address on Monday

President Paul Kagame has called on Rwandans to step up their efforts in propelling the country’s development saying that Rwanda has made tremendous development which should be carried on in the next year 2014 through hard work and improvement in service delivery.

The President made the remarks while delivering the State of the Nation address On Monday December 16, at the parliamentary building in Kimihurura.

Kagame said that the general progress and image of the country in 2013 has showed tremendous progress in various aspects of social and economic development, investment, justice and health among others

He noted that this has been due to the increasing security and peace in the country, determination of Rwandans, and support and collaboration of development partners and donor communities.

In his remarks, the issue of Agaciro (Dignity and Value) of Rwandans and other nations, resurfaced again, and Kagame insisted that Rwandans must strive to gain the dignity and respect for self and others as a way of attaining development.

“We need to continue striving for our dignity and that of others. The ndi umunyarwanda (I am Rwandan) program needs to be developed because it suits us and it leads us to our desired development,” he said


This year’s statistics showed that the country has grown in the past year at a 6.6 percent performing better than most African countries and globally; and Kagame said that this can even grow more in 2014.

According to the President, between January and October, exports grew by 27 percent making $489 million in incomes; especially from local agricultural and livestock products.

Kagame said that with the establishment of the East Africa Commodity exchange, the country will see more growth with more farmers accessing regional markets.

Still on agriculture, Kagame noted that it is set to increase by 5.4 percent due to coffee and tea ranking well on the international markets.

In this case he insisted that there should be increased output, improved quality in agriculture and livestock products and value addition and Rwandans should learn to save water sources to combat the changing climate conditions.

The mining sector also developed with Rwandan minerals making an income of Rwf30billions in only six months this year, compared to Rwf39billion made in the whole of 2012.

Meanwhile investments made a steady progress amounting to USD456millions and tourism attracting over 714.000 foreign visitors with USD217.7millions as income in nine months.

Banking activities and access to loans also made a significant transformation between September 2013-septemebr 2013 with an increase of 19.8 percent in financial activity and 13 percent access to loans. This also saw the insurance services increase by 22 percent with Rwf224billions compared to Rwf 184billions last year.

Generally the president said that the economy is performing well and this has seen Rwanda ranked in the 32nd position globally and 2nd in Africa.



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